Megan 'Meg Jo' Jordan is an artist-activist-scholar in Nashville, TN. She began painting just after the 2016 presidential election. Prior to pursuing art, Meg worked as an organizer in her home state of Alabama. Her paintings tell a story of the twisted internal endeavor of activism she has faced and continues to live. In her work, Meg combines her art and research to build better understandings of social injustice and the vital role social movements in creating radically imagined new worlds. Meg Jo takes inspiration and direction for her paintings and illustrations from social movements of today. In her scholarly career, Megan is a PhD student of sociology at Vanderbilt University where she studies the emotional labor of liberation movement work and the role of artists in movements. Originally from Alabama, Meg acknowledges and centers the history, strengths, and potentials of Southern grassroots activism in her artistic and scholarly work. A strong believer in the use of arts for political education and civic engagement, Meg also works as a creative consultant.


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